{FIRST} by Seiyuu Little Forest — complication of a lot of seiyuu’s ‘FIRST’

Enjoy the post, I’ll tell you tomorrow what actually happened :D 

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Seiyuu’s Little Forest

*If you count the Alphabet of their name, we still missing some *wink*

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Kaito Ishikawa’s dance…

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me too, aoba

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Title: Are we still going to appear in season 2?
Artist: Seki Tomokazu, Nojima Kenji
Played: 1206 times


Seki and Nojiken ponder on whether their characters would still appear in the second season and movie, and if they do, what they would be like. They have some really interesting (and funny) ideas XD

(Since it’s really long, I’ll just put the rough translation under the cut. Enjoy their imaginations (=w= ). And should you wish to listen to the entire episode, you can do so here)

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D.C. Girl’s Symphony Pocket Event

Horie Kazuma’s and Hirakawa Daisuke’s girlfriend and boyfriend simulation! 

Horie Kazuma: *sigh* It’s so cold that my hands are freezing over. Daisuke-kun, are you alright?

Hirakawa Daisuke: Of course, I’m not ok. If I don’t hold your hand… My heart will freeze over.

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The 9 Best Pictures of Polnareff

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 3 - Uta
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now nitori knows why rin has anger issues

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